Monday, September 29, 2008

Zoe's Adoption Talk II

Here is Zoe's latest for the blog. She wrote it up in the car on the way to our friends' house. She has lots of questions and some advice to share!

Questions: Why is adoption hard to understand? Why does our birthparents let us go? How come we don't know our birthparents? Do our birthparents wonder about us? How do they know when our birthday is? Are they wondering how old we are? Are they wondering how big we are getting? Does anyone else who is adopted wonder about adoption, too? Do you wonder about adoption, too? Do you know stuff about adoption? Can you tell and help me with adoption whenever I ask you?

Advice: If you wonder about your birthparents then I think they wonder about you, too. They might even think the same things you're thinking. End of Advice.


Wendy said...

Hi Zoe,

Yes, I wonder about adoption too. I wonder about what my birthparents names are and what they look like. I usually talk to my mom about adoption, sometimes my dad. I would talk to you about adoption anytime.



Beverly said...

you know what, that sounds right to me!!