Thursday, September 11, 2008

Dutch Report on Corruption in China Adoption

Brian Stuy reports:
Yesterday, the Dutch Ministry of Justice issued their report on their sixth month investigation into baby trafficking in China. The investigation was initiated following the broadcast of Netwerk's "Adoption in China" in which allegations of corruption were leveled against China's international adoption program.

Predictably, the Dutch report is largely exculpatory of the Chinese, but several important points must be emphasized. . . .

Read the rest of Brian's post here. He includes an English translation of the report, so you can read it yourself if you have a mind to.

I always appreciate Brian's opinions, whether I agree with them or not. I suspect the truth is somewhere between Brian's insistence that virtually the entire international adoption program of China is unredeemably tainted (ok, maybe I'm exaggerating his position a tad. . . . actually, probably not!) and the conviction of many adoptive parents and the Dutch report that there isn't any corruption in the IA program in China. The Hunan Province scandal lets us know that at least there and then there was human trafficking.

What if you are concerned that your child was trafficked? What if you were to find out that your child was in fact trafficked? I can't offer any advice, but here are two who can:

The Impact of Illegal Adoption on One Family, by Julia Rollings

Telling About Trafficking, by Sheena Macrae

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Wendy said...

I haven't read the full article yet, but from what I have seen it seems that the Dutch were taken with the word of CCAA and did not do an actual in-depth investigation.
I don't think we will have an answer as long as adoption is big business, the same reason nothing happened for so long in Guatamala and why I think adoption for India is limited and time consuming (they will not play the game). I wonder how things will play out for African countries?
As for China, I think the NSN program will eventually end (as evidence seems to show it should) and we will see a sn program due to long-standing prejudice of children (people) with differences.

The only way to end corruption in all nations, including our own, is to take the big money out of the process. Greed=corruption.