Monday, September 22, 2008

Is that ALL you talk about?!!?

Did you notice that I added a few words to the header? After saying we'll be talking adoption here, I added: "That's not all we talk about -- but reading this blog, you'll think it's all we do!!!!!"

I suspect we are pretty ordinary in what we usually talk about. With Zoe this morning, for example, it was whether she wanted to wear a jumper (her usual school uniform) or just uniform shorts so she wouldn't have to change for PE, how to spell reconciliation (Zoe's first reconciliation workshop (first confession for you non-Catholics out there, was yesterday), whether school would be more fun this week since achievement tests were over, and whether her ribs still hurt (ribs?! Zoe woke up at 5 this morning to tell me her ribs hurt -- not her tummy, not her uterus this time(!), her ribs). With Maya, the morning's conversation was about what she wanted to bring for show-and-tell (a bag of "crystals" Aunt Kim gave her for Christmas), what I should pack her for lunch, why Zoe wasn't wearing a jumper, and when Alia could come over to play. Any different from your morning conversation?

Admittedly, it could have been a morning where Zoe told me a dream about her birth parents or where Maya asked whether "those people we met in China" were her birth parents or her foster parents (I'm never sure if she's trying to get the words straight or trying to get the concepts straight). But it wasn't, so the "A" word was never mentioned!

So, here's to assure you that I don't bombard my kids with adoption talk all the time! Nor do they bombard ME with adoption talk all the time! Think about how much time you spend reading about what my kids are saying on this blog (as opposed to what I'm thinking/writing about!). Maybe 20 minutes? Now spread that out over a day/week/month. Not that much adoption talk, huh? Consider the three weeks between adoption book reviews from my kids -- in between, we've read MANY more books NOT about adoption than books about adoption!

I'm trying to keep the blog focused pretty narrowly on "adoption talk," because I don't see too many other blogs out there doing so. I'm not going to share generally the cute things my kids say (though they say some amazingly cute things!), our incredibly boring (to anyone but us!) activities (ballet, gymnastics, ballet again, birthday parties, sleepovers, school drop-off, school pickup, anything school-related in between), my incredibly boring work activities (talk, talk some more, read, talk, talk some more), because there are a gazillion blogs out there doing it better than I could!

Hmmm, I'm sounding pretty defensive. Maybe the next poll should be "Do you think Malinda and her kids talk about adoption: a) too much; b) not enough; or c) just enough?!" But that'll only work if you tell me what I want to hear! LOL! In any event, stay tuned, same Bat-time, same Bat-station, for more adoption talk -- but first, the joke Maya told me yesterday:
Knock, Knock
Who's there?
Ya who?
I didn't know you were a cowgirl!
(Gales of laughter -- from Maya, not me!)
Imagine, not one word about adoption!


Wendy said...

I so get this post. I bet they do think we are non-stop adoption talkers. We also read many more non-adoption related books than those related, talk more about ever other activity than we do about adoption related ones; however, all adoption books and topics are always available and brought up in spurts, in conversations related to other things, in one liners, in relation to sleep, etc. The point is that the topic is a part of our lives, not a topic we sit down to discuss.
I would love to see your "boring" life too--I talk about mine! Maybe you need a second blog!

zoe'sfriendsyd said...

Malinda I hope my own thoughts haven't made you feel that I am saying that to you in any way. I embrace your thoughts which is why I enjoy your blog so much.

malinda said...

No, it wasn't at all anything anyone said! I was just going back through the blog and questioning myself!