Monday, September 1, 2008

Madeline's Book Review

The Red Blanket
by Eliza Thomas
Illustrated by Joe Cepeda

Review by Madeline age 4 (dictated by Madeline, typed by Mommy)

What the book is about: The book is about adoption. The baby gets a red blanket from her forever mother. Chip (Lily) is to loud with his “woof woof woof” so he has to stay home. The mother has to go on a big plane to China and then on taxi’s and buses and small planes to the orphanage and the director says this is the baby “Pan Pan”. So the orphanage director says the baby is a good girl and the mother says she knows. The baby cried at the hotel and looked at everything. The baby and the mother come home from China and the baby grows up to a big kid and the mother can’t believe how big she is and she gets a cookie from her mother while she does her homework. And when she got really, really big she grabs her blanket and jumps way up high. Some people would say it is an old rag, but we know it is beautiful. The end.

What I liked: That she becomes really big and she jumps up high with her blanket. And when the director says come in here to the mother and when the mother buys the red blanket and when she sends the letters to the orphanage and when she talks to her dog, Lily. I like that she had a red blanket, it is like my pillow and turtle. They are old and have holes, but know they are beautiful and we still love them.

What I didn't like: That the baby cried a lot at the hotel and that the girl rides her bike on the porch.

How the book helped me/what I learned: When I grow up big I will get to tell stories to my children about my adoption and jump really high with my pillow and turtle. And I will still get to go on airplanes, I have been on them lots of times.

***Note to readers--Chip was her mommy’s dog and looked just like Lily (he died right before they left for China

Thanks, Madeline! What a great book review! It was nice to see your picture after hearing all about you from you Mom.


malinda said...

Dear Madeline,

Your book sounded really fun and we have that book, too! Maybe someday we could see each other in person. I am 7 years old and I'm glad that you read our blog in China! My sister, Maya, is as old as you, but add 1/2.

Love, Zoe

Wendy said...

Thank you Zoe. I will read Madeline your message in the morning, I know she would love to meet you! She always wants to find out about your adventures and was very excited that you are all Guiping girls! I think you would all get along great and have a fun time together!

mimifrancoise said...

Oh, another beautiful Guiping girl! I think M is soooooo cute. I just want to squeeze her and give her a hug.

Wendy said...

Dear Zoe,

Thank you for writing me this note. I would like to play with you. Maybe we can play with my big yellow ball or play on the playground or pool. OR maybe we can go to China together on vacation, maybe when you are ten or maybe when I get nine.

See you soon (I hope). Bye!



Oh, please tell your grandma I would like to meet her too.