Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Google Trends -- Adoptee Search

Very affecting post about Google Trends at Gershom's blog:

Have you ever used “Google Trends?”
I discovered it this week, and I think its pretty cool. Its this type of search engine that allows you to type in a word or phrase and it will list the top countries, cities, states etc. that search for that term or word the most. It also gives you this map of peak times during our history that the term has been searched for. Of course, I type in “Adoptee.” I was absolutely shocked to see the results but, in reality it makes a lot of sense now that I’ve thought about it.

The Answer is….

Region who searched for “adoptee” the most: South Korea.
City who searched for “adoptee” the most: Seoul
The language its searched most in: Korean

So really I guess its no surprize. You can say that we pretty much know its not adoptive parents searching for the term “adoptee” in the Korean language, in Seoul, S. Korea. Maybe its a few adoptees, but I’d bet that its a lot of natural mothers/
fathers and siblings of the thousands of Korean adoptees residing in the United
States. It looks like its searched for, more than double of that in the United States. I bet if China didn’t censor their internet, they’d be right up there too if not the leading search.

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Wendy said...

Very interesting. I think you are on to something here.