Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I was brand-new

We watch a "night-time video" each evening as part of our going-to-bed routine. Tonight's pick, "Baby Bear Gets a Little Sister" or something to that effect (I'm too lazy to walk into my room to check out the real title -- it's been a long day). Baby Bear's sister is born to the family, not adopted, BTW.

During the show, Maya is snuggling up next to me and says, "When you met me you were sooooo happy!" "Yes, I was," I reply, "I was soooooo happy I cried!" (she thinks it's funny that grownups cry when they're happy). Maya continues, "I was brand new. . . . Well, I was brand new to you, but not to the world because I'd been there before." Yes, indeed!


geminirn said...


Wendy said...

Isn't it interesting that kids think crying is only for sad things, I wonder when that all changes? Maybe hormones!

Super cute and I am so glad she could take that movie and apply it to her, you don't have to be bio to be loved, wanted, and brand new.

Tami said...

Wendy...I say hormones help that change. My 11 year old daughter strated crying when I told her about the baby that will be her little sister. I was stunned when I saw the tears, but quickly thought, "She's a girl!".