Friday, September 26, 2008


After dinner this evening, Zoe came to me very officiously with her legal pad and pencil and asked if we had time "to talk about adoption." Of course! So we talked, and she's working on a blog post about sad things and happy things in adoption. Don't know when she'll finish, Miss Perfectionist that she is, but I'll post when she decides it's ready!

In an attempt to give Maya equal time -- always difficult with dominant-conversationalist Zoe in the mix -- I asked her if she wanted to talk about adoption, too. "No," she said, "It makes me feel . . . (I'm anticipating what the word will be -- sad? mad?) . . . boring!"

OK, so what DO you want to talk about? "Birthdays!" And that means all her past birthday parties, not her actual BIRTH DAY!
Here's her favorite birthday picture -- her first birthday in China. She calls it her "balloon birthday." We know it's her first birthday from the date on the photo -- but I don't know if the balloons were for her, or if they are decorating a car for a wedding. I don't tell her that, though!)We don't know who the other girl is -- her foster mom just said "a neighborhood girl."


zoe'sfriendsyd said...

What an adorable picture!

Wendy said...

Maybe she hears so much of Zoe's discussions with you that she is well versed! I find that discussions come in spurts (all the time, and yet not).

I agree, cute pic!