Saturday, September 6, 2008

Is Grandpa adopted?

I just never know where the next adoption conversation will begin! Today Zoe asked out of the blue if her grandfather was adopted. No, why do you ask? Well, Zoe says, you talk about Grandpa's mom but not about Grandpa's dad. So I thought maybe he was adopted and didn't have a dad like me. I know Mimi had a mom and a dad, so I know she wasn't adopted.

Aha, here's my opening! "You know, people can be adopted and have both a mom and a dad." Zoe didn't roll her eyes, but she might as well have, given the tone of voice of her reply -- "I KNOW that." "And people can have only a mom or only a dad and not be adopted." THIS time she did roll her eyes: "I KNOW that!"

Well, then why did you think Mimi wasn't adopted and Grandpa . . . . And why were you surprised that Pascal and Rodney (married cousins) had adopted . . . . And why . . . .

Oh, never mind!

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Wendy said...

There are moments when you just want to say, "OKAY, what is it that you are thinking about EXACTLY?"

Oh us moms, will we ever get it?