Thursday, April 1, 2010

More on Asian Fetish Man

Jean MacLeod at Adoption Toolbox tackles the subject of talking to our adopted Asian daughters about Asian Fetish Man:

'SWM, 64, Looking for Asian Woman'

How do I describe the spasm of parental pain, anger and fear induced by Date*Line’s Ad of the Week? Like it’s not enough that I have to worry about prepping my Chinese American high-schooler for student shootings, abductions while jogging, and 16 year old bad boys--now I need to figure out how to talk to her about old white guys looking for fantasy China Doll sex?

Or Geisha sex, or Dragon Lady sex, or Miss Saigon sex? Aaaargh! Yes, I was really happy to add ‘perverts’ to the list of difficult topics I’ve been attempting to address
with my Asian daughters:

* * *

When will ‘Chinese orphan’ become the hot, new, fantasy sexual experience for Asiaphiles?

I like her suggestion to use older movies to start conversations about this kind of stereotyping. I have a few years to learn from Jean MacLeod's experiences before I have to go down this particular trail, I think!


Wendy said...

Sadly I don't think this is as far off as we think. I have comments from older men about M--"she is going to be very pretty when she grows up" and "the men will be lined up at your door". Weird. Scary weird. What are they thinking?

lori said...

My little one, in her stroller with her stuffed animal, was subject to leering comments about how it sure looked like she would be a lot of fun. And more. No mistaking the thoughts on those faces of a group of young men in their mid-twenties.

I knew to expect it when she was older. I thought it would be after puberty. Not at this age.