Monday, April 12, 2010

The Driver Speaks

Remember that Artyom's mom (actually, it seems the grandmother was in charge of this, too) surfed the web to find a driver to pick up Artyom at the Moscow airport? Here's the website she found: The driver, Arthur Lookyanov, has a very full account of his email correspondence with the grandmother, meeting Artyom at the airport and driving him into the city, and the reaction when he delivered him to the Ministry of Education and Science. The driver stayed with Artyom through all the rigamarole that followed. It's a fascinating and disturbing account. You can see the picture Artyom drew for Arthur during the drive from the airport and leave a comment at Arthur's website by clicking here.


Sheri said...

This poor man!! How AWFUL to be used in such a manner! His entire livelihood is now in jeopardy! I am even more incensed (as if it were possible) about the perfidy of Nancy and Torry Hansen. Honestly, I can't think of a punishment awful enough for them: they've created an international incident of truly disturbing proportions, and irreparably harmed a child. Yes, he doubtless has issues. Look at his history: taken away from an alcoholic mother at age 6. What are his prospects now - cast off to strangers like an unwanted puppy. These women are nutters, plain and simple. WACAP's social worker(s) have a LOT of explaining to do.

Von said...

"This poor man'had choice, he didn't have to take on the job, he was caring enough to stay with the boy and maybe he thought it was best that he was back in his own country.
There are many who should never be approved to adopt, many children who should never be adopted, many countries manage without adoption.What these women have done is thrown a spotlight on a corrupt industry hopefully much good will come out of it.
As for the child he will be a damaged as many adoptees are although no-one seems to have noticed this before.

Anonymous said...

One question that I'm no clear--Once he was adopted and landed on U.S. soil he became a U.S. citizen, no? But since he entered Russia on a Russian passport, does he now hold dual citizenship?

The driver sounds like a kind, compassionate person. Had he not been, this situation clearly could have turned even uglier.