Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

To those who celebrate Easter, I hope you have a happy one! We have certainly had a busy Easter weekend. My sister, Kim, and her husband Brian drove down from Vermont, so we've been showing them a bit of the town and they've also enjoyed all the girls' Easter activities.

The Easter Bunny brought the girls quite a haul this morning, with stuffed baskets and tons of eggs.

Grandpa's 79th birthday falls on Easter this year, so we had to celebrate that, too!

Here's Kim, Mimi & the girls at the Botanic Garden. It was really lovely, everything in full bloom. This is a Chinese Redbud tree.

The girls worked hard to turn all their dyed Easter eggs into deviled eggs. We put the yolks and mayo and seasonings in a ziploc bag, and let the girls squeeze it to mix it all. Then, we cut a corner off, and pipe the yolks back into the eggs. This is one of the girls' favorite Easter activity, though we do it other times, too. If you look closely at Maya's face, you can see a little evidence that she did her share of tasting as well as piping!

Dying the eggs was a real family affair. In fact, the grownups seemed to be more into the egg-dying than the kids were!

Zoe and Mimi draw on eggs with wax before dying them.

Maya seems fascinated with Kim's two-toned dye job.

Brian is convinced he can make Ukrainian eggs without the proper tools -- his egg turned out looking like a watermelon. Zoe is just happy that Kim and Brian are here!


Wendy said...

Glad to see everyone had a great time and that you were able to spend this day with your father.

Cynthia said...

How great that your sister could come, and nice that she wore that pretty purple shirt for the excellent photo in front of the purple tree! I wish we were there to sample those deviled eggs with you!! Happy Easter!!