Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Orphan Encounters in School

Both girls came home from school yesterday with stories of watching videos with orphans and/or orphanages in them. Zoe saw part of the musical Annie in music class, and Maya watched a Veggie Tales video that mentioned orphanages and taking care of orphans.

They told me about the videos in the midst of our usual "what did you do at school today" conversation -- they didn't run to tell me about it as if it were anything special.

Zoe thought Annie was "kind of like me because she was in an orphanage." But she was different, too, she says, because her parents left a note with her saying they would come get their baby, and "my birth parents didn't." Zoe thought Annie was pretty lucky because of this. Zoe didn't think the orphanage was at all like hers, since it didn't have cribs. It didn't bother her to see it with her friends at school, because she knew they already knew she was from an orphanage.

Maya didn't think anything of it, she says, because they didn't show an orphanage or anything, they just talked about it. Maya says that it did make her wonder if anyone was going to adopt the little girl in the movie. She figures someone probably did.

Their reaction was pretty matter-of-fact. It didn't seem to be any big deal to them, they didn't feel awkward or singled out, which is good. It was just a typical day at school!

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