Wednesday, October 1, 2008

You know about adoption, don't you?

Zoe invited a school friend over to our house yesterday after school yesterday (so did Maya, so I had FOUR girls in the house, oh my!). She had written out a list of "Things to Do" (oh, yes, an actual list: do homework; play sisters; eat a snack; play barbies; play house; go outside; go back in and cool off; play doll house; play game that we play at school (no idea what this is!); show I. Dress-up Challenge; ask I. what she wants to do)!

Her list was on the trusty-dusty legal pad that has her adoption ramblings, so before coming to the list, Zoe asked I: "You do know about adoption, don't you?"

That really cracked me up! Tuesdays have become our after-school playdate day, and her previous guests have been the two other international adoptees in her second-grade class. I stayed on the sidelines during these playdates, listening eagerly to see if they would talk to each other about adoption. Nope, not a word!

But poor I. comes over, and gets assaulted first off with Zoe's adoption talk: "Adoption is when your first parents can't take care of you and so they put you in a box . . . ."

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