Monday, October 27, 2008

Roll Call

Thanks to all who responded to my roll call request in the “I Love SiteMeter” post! It was great hearing from you all!I admit it – this is why I blog instead of sitting in my bedroom writing in a journal. I like to know others are reading, I LOVE it when there’s interesting feedback and give-and-take in the comments!

So thanks to the three Wendys, especially Wendy in Ohio who I can always count on to comment. And I’m glad to hear from you Ann BF, who followed us in the “Fulbright Apartment” in Xiada – my girls still ask about your family and can’ quite accept that y’all are no longer in “our” apartment. Thanks to Joanne, who gave me the opportunity to meet her daughter even before she did – it still gives me goosebumps to think about it!

And it’s great to see readers I recognize from our Xiamen Adventure blog – glad you’ve decided to come along on this journey, too, Carol, and Dee and Sheri (and Wendy in Ohio and Ann BF, too!). And thanks for chiming in, Elizabeth in Alabama and Elizabeth in Kansas, Tracy, and Pletcher Family!

Also, thanks to Mimi and Syd’s Mom, thanks for contributing to the conversation on the blog by posting comments, even when we can talk in person!

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