Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Guest Review: Shaoey and Dot

Book: Shaoey and Dot
by Mary Beth and Steven Curtis Chapman

Review by Miss L., age 4!

What this book is about: This story follows a little ladybug and a little baby girl left in a basket in China. The lady bug stays with the little baby from being found, to being taken to the orphanage, to being adopted by her new family, and the flight to her new home.

What I liked about the book: I like the ladybug the best because of the funny way she is dressed. I also like the baby girl in the story, because I like babies. I love this book so much I want to read more stories about Shaoey and Dot.

What I didn't like about the book: I don't like the one page in the book that doesn't have the ladybug in it. I want to see the ladybug on every page! This page really bugs me everytime I come to it. I also don't like that the book ends. I want to know what happens when the little baby girl gets to her new home, and read more adventures of the ladybug and the girl.

What I learned/How the book helped me: This book helps me to learn the English words to describe how I came to be adopted into my family.

About Me: My name is Miss L. I am 4 years old and I was adopted from China 3 months ago. I now live with my mommy, daddy, and big brother in Canada.
Thank you, Miss L., I love your review! Thanks to mama, Shelley B., too.
Miss L. gets to choose her book, since she's the first child reviewer. I've offered her the second Shaoey and Dot book if she'd prefer to have it over Mr. Rogers' Adoption book or the White Swan Express. So there may be 2 more kids' books for 2 more reviewers, and there's Wanting a Daughter, Needing a Son for an adult reviewer!


Wendy said...

M loves this book too. We change most of the words to echo her story and our beliefs, but the comfort of Dot is there for her as well. She loves her.

zoe'sfriendsyd said...

Thank you, Miss L. Maybe you should draw a ladybug on that page!We haven't read this book and now we will because you like it so much!