Sunday, October 5, 2008

There's that box again!

Remember me writing about Zoe and her box? The fact that she was found in a cardboard box is somehow important to her, and it shows up in most of her talk about her birth parents. Well, she wrote a story this weekend, a story she assured me wasn't about her, and the box is back:
Wan An and Her Best Friend
By Zoe
I was once a baby found in the garden on Tuesday night, when a man who was cutting trees found me under a tree stump in a box. The man called his wife to see what he had found under the tree stump. The woman also his wife, thought that she wanted the little girl to be their child. The husband agrees, so the next morning they went to the court house where the judges were and showed them the little baby girl and told them that they wanted to have that girl for a child, so that’s what the judges did.

So 8 years later the girl was 8 and they called her “Wan An” which meant night. They called her that because she was born at night time. Now let me tell you about Wan An. Well, her birthday was October 23, 2000, her last name is Banks, her middle name is Tree Stump because like at the first part of the story she was found under the tree stump in the woods.
Her mom’s birthday is January 1, 1995, her dad’s b-day is March 16, 1960.

So as she got older she grew. Soon she was 10 years old after two years. Her mom was 46 after 2 years. Her dad was 51 after 2 years. After her mom thought she was responsible she talked to Wan An about getting a pet, so they did and it was a kitten! Wan An named the kitten “Moon Light” because she was white as the moon. Now she had a kitten named Moon Light, a mom named Alexander, and a dad named Jorge.

When she was three, her parents signed her up for school. She went to a Catholic school called St. Paul’s Catholic School. She also went to St. Paul’s Catholic Church on Sundays.
On summer vacation, she bought a toy mouse for her kitten, and a scratching post and other cat stuff.

At school, she had a best friend named “Sun” who was born like Wan An only at the morning on the same Tuesday. Sun was a kind person to Wan An so Wan An was a kind person to Sun. They always walked home together and talked about going out to dinner every night.

Now let me tell you about Sun. She has a mom called Sarah, a dad called Jack. Her middle name is Dawn because she was found at dawn and the last thing is she has a puppy named China because she is a Chinese puppy! So one evening the two families talked about going out while Sun and Wan An played checkers.

Sun’s birthday is on the same day as Wan An’s so each year they are like twins. One day they found out they grew in the same birth mother’s tummy so they really were twins!

The End
Tree Stump? Her middle name is Tree Stump? Where does she come up with this stuff!?? And I guess I should be prepared for the I-want-a-pet discussion when Zoe is 10!


zoe'sfriendsyd said...

I love that story, it is so heart felt and "close" to true life!

Wendy said...

I thought it was great as well; however, I was initially worried about the parents age difference! I hope you don't have to have that discussion!

I think it is neat how she named each person; it shows she realizes the importance of names--maybe not the aftermath of having a name like TreeStump, but nonetheless the understanding of significance.

Nice story and one I hope she finds peace with (maybe with a twin friend).