Sunday, October 5, 2008

Guest Review: Once They Hear My Name

Book: Once They Hear My Name
edited by Ellen Lee, Marilyn Lemmert, Mary Anne Hess

Reviewed by Wendy

What the Book is About: The book is a compilation of several adult adoptees from Korea's story of adoption, but more importantly their journey to self-identity.

What I Liked About the Book: I really liked the diversity of the group chosen for the book and all of the advice (although not blatant that I received from reading their stories and life experiences.

What I Didn't Like About the Book: There is nothing I didn't like. However, I would have loved it to be longer!

What I Learned/How the Book Helped Me: I have learned many things about I approach parenting and things that I think are/will work and other things that I knew were important, but ingrained in my mind the significance of their importance--my daughter learning her birth language.

Wendy adds: I highly recommend!

Wendy was the first to get a review in, so has her pick of the adult books, and has chosen The Primal Wound! That means the next grown-up reviewer gets Wanting a Daughter, Needing a Son (even if you have the book, you might want it as a gift for another adopter or a relative who might want to learn more!).

Thanks, Wendy!


Wendy said...

Good idea Malinda. I just realized I needed to proof-read! Yikes. Sorry everyone, luckily the editors of the book did their job and checked for errors! It is a great read.

zoe said...

Wendy thanks for the review. I haven't read this book, and now have it on my list of books I will read.

zoe'sfriendsyd said...

above comment is from me,I accidentally hit enter before I finished my name!