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What Kids Say About Being Adopted

I love how much great stuff there is out there in cyberspace! I was playing around on the computer A LOT last night (my girls had a sleepover at Mimi's & Grandpa's!) and found Adoption Clubhouse, and these things young teens and pre-teens have said about adoption:

Ann marie, 13, NY January, 2007
sometimes if something comes up in class about being adopted i get upset.its hard for me because my sister just had a baby and i always think about what is my birth mother doing? does she remember me? dose she ever want to see me? all theses questions run through my head. Then after thinking about them i get upset. i like being adopted but theres something there thats missing from me.

By Kathryn, 16, Pennsylvania January, 2007
Over the years you can and may try to hide the fact that you’re adopted. For so long, I tried to run away from it, not wanting to believe it. But as I get older, you have to come to peace with it, and maybe later in life, you can look back and reflect of all the experiences you had,whether it was getting made fun of, learning about your past, and so many other good things. We are different from other kids; we share something special that not many other kids have. We should be proud of it.

By Andrew, 15, New York November, 2006
I am 15 and was adopted from Korea (south) when I was about 3 months old. I never saw my real parents (That i can remember of). I love my life now, but I always imagine what that feeling must be like... I mean, finding or seeing your real parents? I want to experience that. No one I know of has any information on them, so I don't even know if they are alive or not. I want to see them, but for now, I'll live my wonderful life in the USA

Anonymous, 10, Illinois May, 2006
A lot of people ask me what my real mom looks like. I say you don't have to know, because I really don't know what she looks like. Then people start bothering me about it though. Try to ask your parents or someone from the orphanage.

By Melissa, Age 9, Illinois, USA April 2006
My mom always said to me that being adopted is not bad, but it's hard to believe it's true if people tease you about it but it's not. I'm tan and family is white. It's more noticeable because we're different colors. People say that my birth parents didn't want me, but really they just couldn't take care of me. If they could have, they would have. Your parents love you just as much as if you weren't adopted. So don't listen to what other people say, they just don't understand. Just walk away with your head up knowing they're wrong and don't say anything to them.

By Anna, Age 13, New Jersey, USA January 2006
Person: What is your real name?
Me: I would tell you but the fact I have two might make your brain explode and killing people is frowned upon in many countries.

By Kathryn, Age 14, Pennsylvania June 2005
Adoption is really special because you were wanted, and picked to be in your family. If I could change one thing about adoption, it would be knowing more about your birth family. Being adopted is good and bad because you were wanted, but it can be hard to do projects and answer questions at school. In my family, nobody else is adopted. So I get pretty lonely and left out at times. But after I went to the Romanian Embassy for adopted kids, I met all these other children from Romania just like me. It was really a great experience because I have never known other
adoptees from Romania. I met a girl there named Claudia who just came from Romania 1 year ago. She ended up living 5 minutes away... when the embassy was in Washington DC. It was really cool. Now we are best friends and we share something in common.... adopted from Romania. It is really cool and I am so lucky to have met her. I wish I could have other adopted brothers or sisters like me, but at least I have Claudia and all her brothers and sisters who are adopted too.

by Heather, Age 10
Hi my name is Heather Me and my Brother are both adopted! We are from Different Birthmoms but look exactly like each other! We both look like my dad. I was there when my Brother was born, I got to meet his birthmom and birthdad. I was the first one to hold him [after his birthmom and dad of course]. I am SO happy that I am adopted because if I wasn't adopted I would not have the wonderful family that I have now! And I wouldn't have my brother either. I LOVE BEING ADOPTED!!!!!!!!

by Lilly, Georgia USA, Age 10
Does it feel strange to be adopted? When someone asks me tons of annoying questions like the one I titled in my writing I usually say: "No, it feels no different then being human. By the way are you writing a biography of me or something because your asking me tons of questions."

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