Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Then and Now

Here's Zoe in her little orange and white outfit on October 8, 2001.
And here is Zoe wearing the same outfit TODAY!
This has become part of our family-day tradition -- trying on the same outfit she wore as a baby. I have pictures of it shrinking and shrinking, year by year! Zoe says this is the LAST year she's going to put it on -- we'll see about that! She's so skinny I bet we can get it onto her body for a few more years.
We followed our other family-day traditions as well: we went out for Chinese food, we watched our first-meeting video, we looked at our "Journey to Zoe" scrapbook, and I gave Zoe a little gift from China (on our adoption trip I bought 17 little presents to give her on each anniversary until she is 18 (did the same for Maya!)) -- little cloisonne shoe ornaments.
All of this, of course, followed homework and ballet for both girls. Whew! Didn't take them long to fall asleep today!


Wendy said...

Still looking cute as ever! We have the same tradition, I don't think M will fit next year as her clothes have no give (traditional dress); she will if we can get her arms in, she is skinny enough for the dress. It is a good think Zoe's clothes came a bit big!

Mi Hilo Rojo said...


WOW, Zoey is a big girl now. She is beautiful girl!