Monday, October 13, 2008

Adoption from Cambodia

Putting a face on the U.S. ban on adoptions from Cambodia:

Kerri is from the US and has been living in Phnom Penh for the past three years. She came to Cambodia three years ago to find the biological sister of her already adopted Cambodian son, Kameron. Chenda is the sister and she was found working as a domestic helper for a relative. Later on, Kerri noticed a boy who used to play by himself in a box at the Russian Market (hence his early nickname "Box Boy") and took him in too. The family calls him Noah now and I have personally seen how Noah has changed from a malnourished little boy to a playful, confident child who speaks excellent American English.Kerri is stuck in Cambodia because the US government has a moratorium on Cambodian adoptions because of child trafficking problems.

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