Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Zoe Got Her Answer!

Remember when Zoe sent a question to Mei Magazine for Dr. Amanda Baden to answer?  Well, her question and answer appeared in the Spring 2011 issue and she's thrilled!

The answer is long, so I won't reprint it here. But I thought Dr. Baden did a great job of carefully addressing each issue in Zoe's short letter.  She covered the "do my birth parents think about me?" issue, the "I have mixed feelings about my adoption" issue, the "I sometimes find it hard to explain my mixed feelings to my parents" issue, the "I have fantasies about my birth parents issues," all in two pages!

Zoe is still processing all of the information, but is just tickled pink that her letter was answered, and in print.  Between that and her "celebrity" profile in Mei Magazine's last issue, she feels like quite the star!


Mahmee said...

What a star!! Congrats Zoe!

Deborah said...

Congratulations Zoe... is it possible to get a copy of this article anywhere for those of us not in the USA?

Jan en Terry said...
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Jan en Terry said...

I'm also very interested in the answer in Mei Mei Magazine... I'm a proud mum to a 6-year-old Hengshan beauty and a 2-year-old Kunming knight.
I'm very fond of your writings. It gives us to think. thank you!
Love from Belgium,