Friday, April 22, 2011

Children of Hangzhou: Connecting with China

We had a long weekend, so we figured we'd head to China and take pictures at the Great Wall. . .


I know, it isn't April 1, but the girls wanted to try to fool you anyway!

No, we're not in China, we're at the Fort Worth Museum of Science & History, which has this cool exhibit, Children of Hangzhou:  Connecting with China. Included in the exhibit is this panoramic shot of the Great Wall of China, and blocks (which the girls are holding) to build your own Great Wall.

The exhibit starts at the bus stop, where this young lady welcomes you;  you can take the bus to school:
Or head for the countryside to plant rice:

You can write Chinese characters with a wet brush on a dry chalkboard:

Or create a poem with character cards:
Zoe's poem reads:  Quiet mountains, Peaceful water, Bright sun; Calm lake.

The girls also had a chance to pick out costumes and step into a Chinese scene:

This is where we had a nice surprise -- the girls were recognized by a blog reader!  She said to me, "Wait!  Are you a lawyer?  Do you write a blog?"  And she said I could put up a cute picture of her kids, one of whom came home from China on Christmas Eve:

What cuties, huh?  Then my cuties had to get into the drumming spirit:

It was a good exhibit -- lots of stuff to do crammed into a really small space.  We'd definitely go again!


Mahmee said...

That is awesome! I want that exhibit in our town! And yes, your cuties sure are CUTIES!

Sarah said...

So cool! Thanks for posting about this. We're going Thursday. Looks as fun as it sounded by the website's description. Your girls are cute! I love their April prank on us!

Walker Family said...

It was so nice to meet you today. I apologize if my manners weren't all there. I am still trying to get the hang of having 2 kids. I have really enjoyed reading your blog and appreciate all the information you've provided.

LisaLew said...

Wow - looks like they had a fun time! The Walker Family are quite attentive! Congratulations on adding a second child to your family.

Love for Lilly Yin said...

I have a Hangzhou girl! I want to go! Is it a traveling exhibit?

Rebecca A. Maynard said...

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