Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Zoe's Profile

Zoe is so excited to be profiled in Mei Magazine (ANYONE can be profiled!  Just email them!)(Oh, there was another profile on the page, but I erased it to preserve that child's privacy).  And she found out it a really cool way -- a friend called to say she had seen Zoe in the magazine.  Sydney was looking through the magazine and saw the picture and said, "That looks like Zoe," but she really didn't think it WAS Zoe.  Then when she saw the end of the profile which said that Zoe lived in Texas with her sister Maya, she knew it was her Zoe!

Zoe is over the moon, was dancing around the house singing, "I'm in the magazine!  I'm in the magazine!"  LOL!  She feels like quite the celebrity!

Now to send in Maya's profile . . . .


Michele said...

Congratulations Zoe! When looking through the magazine I thought I recognized you from your Mom's blog. This issue was especially exciting at our house too because our daughter Lily and her BFF Ellen's photo is on page 18, upper right corner. Wishing you, your Mom and sister a wonderful 2011.
~Michele Ray Huff

Anonymous said...

Cool Zoe! We saw you there too!
Wendy and Madeline