Friday, April 8, 2011

Domestic Adoption is the New Black

Babble, reporting on the new trend in celebrity adoption:
Domestic adoption is becoming the new international adoption in celebrity circles. For a while it seemed all of the A-List stars were travelling overseas in order to adopt a child. Angelina Jolie has children adopted from Cambodia, Ethiopia, and Vietnam. Meg Ryan adopted daughter Daisy from China. Madonna adopted son David and daughter Mercy from Malawi. These days the stars are looking closer to home when it comes time for adoption.

Latest to adopt domestic is Mariska Hargitay.


Kim and Greg said...

It makes me sad seeing adoption referred to as "trendy" - domestic or international.

The adoption climate is always changing and sadly, international adoption is not as viable an option as it once used to be...for a multitude of reasons.

We adopted 3 children domestically at birth and are now pursuing our first international adoption. The landscape has changed so much in 10 years.

My prayers are EVERY child deserves a loving home. It's not a "trendy" decision - like buying a new car. Hate to see the referene and mindset.


Anonymous said...

It's all media spin. Celebrities have been adopting both internationally and domestically for years now. They are making statements based on what one particular celebrity is doing right now. I would only accept their premise if they had some stats over time to back this up.

Also don't like the reference to "fashion". As always it takes a very complex and serious situation and makes light of it. Blah...

Sharon said...

This "article" was ridiculous; the author was reaching back more than a decade for examples of a "trend." This was just an excuse to put the words "celebrity" and "adoption" into the same post and generate clicks.