Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kid-Free Saturday Night

Both Zoe and Maya had sleep-overs on Saturday night.  Yahoo, a kid-free evening!  Doesn't happen all that often.  I'm afraid I didn't take full advantage of it -- went shopping for Zoe's Oompa-Loompa costume (her class is doing Willy Wonka as the school play this year), and that's about it.

Then at 9:30, the phone rings.  Caller-ID says it's from the house where Maya is.  I'm thinking it'll be the mom saying Maya wants to come home or isn't feeling well. . . .  Nope, it's Maya, calling to say night-night and I love you! 

At 10:30, the phone rings again.  This time it's Zoe, calling to ask if I think Maya is OK, and to say night-night and I love you!

Hmmm, I think kid-free nights are over-rated. . . .


Anonymous said...

2 amazing young women.

Steve (parent of slumber party host) said...

I was also concerned when Maya asked to use the telephone, but it was just Maya being her sweet self.