Tuesday, August 18, 2009

One Year Anniversary

When I started this blog one year ago today, I worried that I didn't have that much to say. In fact, when I posted about the new blog at my old moribund blog, I said, "The Adoption Talk blog probably won't be as active as this blog was, but I'll post as I can!" Now, 480 posts later, I guess we'd have to say I found something to say! This is not, of course, a surprise to anyone who knows me personally -- my mom will tell you she wondered when I'd ever learn to talk, and once I did, she wondered what it would take to shut me up! I guess I'm the only one surprised.

I worried, too, that no one would care to read what I had to say. Well, SiteMeter says over 30,000 visitors cared to read. Wow! I never would have expected that. I know that's small potatoes for a lot of great blogs out there, but I'm happy with my little slice of the pie! And one website has ranked the blog 17 in the Top 50 Adoption Blogs (no idea what that means!).

It's so weird to know you're out there, but not know who most of you are! Like the person who gets here by googling "adoption talk Malinda" each time (is your favorites button broken?!). Or the person from a Western state who always com here from my old Xiamen Adventure blog. Or the drop-ins who came with searches for "how to make a fake birth certificate" (what are you UP to?! Are actual TERRORISTS visiting the blog?!) or "dark knees" or "patron saint of adopted children" or "Asian girl fetish." I can't help but think they're very disappointed!

I understand the anniversary gift for one year should be paper; in this digital age, I think that means you need to come out of lurker mode and comment. I'd love to know about you! But you've really gifted me already, by visiting the blog! Thank you.


cfountaine said...

I am excited to be the first commenter to wish you congratulations on your one-year anniversary. (Maybe I'm your only reader who is crazy enough to be up this late.) It is a fabulous blog!

I'm going to repeat what I told you the other day: you are the best blogger I know because (1) you are able to stick to your theme and yet you have an ENORMOUS variety in your posts; (2) you do a fabulous job of finding stuff to blog about--i.e., good research (which you must have figured out how to do quickly because I know you don't have 5 spare hours every day to research adoption issues/articles/books, etc).; (3) you post frequently enough to keep it constantly fresh and new and interesting; and (4) you are an OUTSTANDING writer! One of the very best I know!

You are a great mother, as evidenced by how much you think about the issues that your daughters face--the happy ones, the sad ones, the fun ones, and all the others. Your girls are lucky to have you! And, they are lucky to have this blog to read someday--it's the ultimate "baby book"!


(Hey, check it out--I have a google name now!!)

Meadow said...

Congrats Malinda,

I found your Blog via Mei-Ling's blog, and it has become one of my favourites! Keep up the great work, and Maya and Zoe are gorgeous!

Meadow (from Ireland, with one DD adopted from China, age 4)

HuluMama said...

I've been following along since Xiamen while waiting in the long line that is China adoption now, 39 months so far.
Love your blog and hope it will still be around when my daughter is home.

Happy Anniversary

Lee said...

I've also been a lurker since Xiamen (LOVED that blog!!!) and found you again just after this blog started.

You really make me think about the big issues. You have managed to find just the right balance of "kind friend" and "challenging professor" to keep your blog a warm and inviting place. And you really are a gifted writer ... so easy to follow, organized, interesting and humourous!

Adoption Talk is one of the first blogs I check out each day and I'm always happy to see there's usually something new to read (and think) about!

Congrats on our anniversary!

Lee in Canada (single mom to a 10-year-old born in China)

Lee said...

Yikes ... despite my proofreading, missed an error. That should read "your anniversary"!! (Forgot to say I'm an English prof ... errors like that shouldn't happen!!)


malinda said...


I kind of like "our anniversary!" I have a hard time saying "MY blog," and often say "our blog" instead!

Wendy said...

Happy Anniversary! Keep on blogging, your voice and resources are so necessary. So glad to be a part of your blog community.

I took your advice, still commenting here.

AlisonG said...

Thanks for writing, Malinda. What I find most helpful is eavesdropping on many of your conversations with your girls and other kids. It's really helping me get more comfortable with talking adoption and giving me ideas of what to say and how to listen.

We have a boy (1.5) and girl (3) adopted from China and we are heading to Beijing for three months this fall while my husband is on parental leave. So I will be checking out your Xiamen blog too! We are at www.manylives.ca.

Suzie said...

Hey there - I think I found you through Tonguu Momma. I'm really enjoying reading your posts and think your daughters are beautiful. You sound like an amazing Mom!!! I am LID 9/4/2006 for my one and only Maggie. I'll be a single mom too and look for any advice I can get!

Happy Anniversary!

Mahmee said...

Cheers to the One Year Anniversary! Here's to many, many more. As I've probably said (to death), your blog kicks ass!...and has given me innumerable tools for talking adoption with my wee one. Thanks again!

Ann BF said...

You inspired me by your blogging in Xiamen, and I am so happy to stay up to date with you and he girls, as well as ponder in a safe place all the deeper questions about being a parent unique to the adoption experience...I can't believe we have been back form Xiamen for a year already...

Anonymous said...

hehe... I am the one whose favorites button is broken... also the one who cannot manage to login.
Sue.(aka anonymous)

Diane said...

OMG- I am also busted ;) My favorites are so cluttered that I revert to googling you! I heart your blog and (stalker alert) check it a couple of times a day. You do a fabulous job of keeping current and relevant. I am so happy that you fell in love with blogging because so many of us are benefiting from it! I have also always been amazed by how people find my little blog. The google terms sometimes take me aback- like the recent searcher from India who googled 'I don't know my real birthday' and commented to me asking for help.

Irish Shorts said...

Another lurker here. I found you through Salsa in China. I am a mother of two who is considering adoption as a way to complete our family. I enjoy your honest thoughts on the challenges you face as an adoptive family. Happy Anniversary!


Anonymous said...

Hi Malinda, It's me Martha (mom to Olivia and Naomi)..I love love love your blog. It always gives me something to think about.

Lisa said...

As you know, I am not a lurker. But, HAPPY ANNIVESARY!
Keep on bloggin'....we appreciate your efforts.
Remember the statement that has become a cliche
"Malinda does all the research and puts it on her site we don't have to look it up!"
Not that I could dig up everything you have...

Lisa said...

oops "anniversary". I can spell