Monday, August 17, 2009

Disruption Screws Up Citizenship

Another sad story of a disrupted adoption: A child is adopted from India in 1987; the adoption disrupts. She is placed in foster care. NO ONE applies for U.S. citizenship for her. In 2001 & 2004, she is convicted of possession of cocaine. In 2008, she is deported to India.

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Anonymous said...

This is the downside of not applying for citizenship. I think our kids should be able to have both. They should get automatic dual cit. I do feel very strongly, as you know, about retaining the original citizenship. It has provided a huge piece of Simone's sense of self and pride in her country and we're simply leaving the door open about future Canadian citizenship. I've had a few talks here with Cit. and Immigration about her status and all agree that tossing her out of the country would most likely never happen unless it were homicide or something like that. My sense is that American Cit. confers more rights.