Sunday, August 9, 2009

10 Things Adoption Agencies Won't Say

From SmartMoney at the Wall Street Journal, 10 Things Adoption Agencies Won't Say; my "favorite," if you can call it that, is "10. Once you've got your child, you're on your own."

I've been a fan of SmartMoney's 10 Things since I got a small mention in their 10 Things Your Lawyer Won't Tell You list (#7), and they actually spelled my name right!

Can you add to the list of 10 things adoption agencies won't say? How about --

11. We claim to represent children, and be concerned for birth mothers, but it's adoptive parents and their pocketbooks that really drive us.

12. If you criticize us, you'll be ostracized by the adoptive parents who love us, AND we'll threaten to sue you, so say what you want, but don't name the agency.


Anonymous said...

13. Your child will NEVER fully recover from the abandonment of his/her natural parents. They will always have some sort of attachment issues and insecurities in relationships due to this life-altering trauma. Aparents who ignore these issues will damage their children even further.

Wendy said...

14. That they will send your paperwork to a "sister" agency (that they have NEVER told you about); then when the other agency doesn't do their job or screws up, they won't confront them or rock the boat until you threaten to sue and expose them for the liars they are.

15. Your agency will advertise as a non-religious agency (because they know some of us do NOT want anything related to religion in our adoption) and then contract with a sister agency that is FULL on, in your face "in god's time", "your child was meant for you". All the while KNOWING you do not want anything to do with this type of agency--they just don't mention it. When they accidently slip this information (yep, they never were going to tell you) they claim they JUST made the contract with them days before.