Sunday, August 16, 2009

Maya, Kindergartner

My baby is BIG! We went to Kinder orientation this afternoon (she had to show up in uniform, which she LOVED!), and she officially starts school tomorrow. We went to 12:30 Mass before the orientation, Maya in uniform, and she walked so tall, and was on her best Kindergartner behavior -- no wiggling, no talking, no sitting on Mama's lap (apparently Kindergartners don't DO that!).

We're thrilled with the teacher she has (not the same one Zoe had, who asked at each parent-teacher conference if I worried about fetal alcohol syndrome (WTF?!), and opined that her single daughter's eggs were going to get too old before she had babies, and she'd just "have to" adopt). Ms. C. has a reputation as a great teacher, and she's African-American to boot. I think that's especially good for Maya, who doesn't like to be Chinese because it's "different." Ms. C. is the only African-American teacher in the building -- she can show Maya a thing or two about being "different!"


Wendy said...

What a beautiful young lady you have there! M starts school tomorrow too, she is super excited that we are back in the routine, she loves home school. This is the first year I had to give info to the county--she is "officially" in kindergarten even though we have already done that; one reason I love being able to do my own curriculum to meet her needs.

Have fun Maya!

Lisa said...

She looks so happy and excited about kindergarten. I can't wait to hear how the year unfolds.

Anonymous said...

Yes, she's at least three inches taller! That's what kindergarten does--it grows 'em up! Next thing you know, she'll be graduating from high school. You think I'm kidding, don't you!! clf

QingLu Mama said...

I hope Maya's first day went wonderfully! She is a lovely girl. And how nice to hear about her teacher, this should be a great start to her schooling!
Our 1st day is Friday...Yikes!

And HUH? to Zoe's teacher last really, HUH?

malinda said...

Today was only a half-day, I've already picked her up and she said her day was "GREAT!" Yippee! Last night she was nervous, and we talked about how new things make us nervous, but as it becomes more familiar she'd be less nervous. She said her nervousness lasted "about 10 minutes." Yippee again!