Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dutch Adoption Agency Head Resigns Over Corruption Concerns

From Expatica, the second story in the Dutch News in Brief column:

Hailed by some colleagues as a whistle-blower, Ina Hut resigned as head of the largest Dutch adoption agency. She told Trouw that international adoption is less about the good of the child and more about the desire of Western couples parents. She complained of “market forces, corruption and sabotage.”

Hut has had a long battle with the Dutch justice ministry over adoption from China where, it is said, children are kidnapped and traded for the adoption market. The ministry found it “unacceptable” that she should investigate for herself whether Chinese children's homes regularly bought children.

She denied she wanted to launch an undercover operation and said it was suggested that, if she went to China to investigate, the Dutch authorities would rescind her agency's permit.

“I can no longer deal with these sorts of practices,” she said.

More here and here.

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Wendy said...

I just read about this on Brian's blog, very telling. Do you think PAP's will ever know about it, I say not. Agencies will still put out the old "China is corruption free" line they have for years. It is only after they have gotten into the community that they will hear about issues like those revealed in her study.

Now, what will be done?