Sunday, September 19, 2010

Review: We See the Moon

We See the Moon, by Carrie A. Kitze

This is one of our favorite books!  We decided to read it today because it makes us think of the upcoming Moon Festival.  I adore the illustrations -- each a different Chinese Peasant painting with vibrant colors and village scenes, many with images of the moon.  I like that the book gives kids an opportunity to think and ask questions about their birth parents. 

When I asked Zoe what she'd say the book was about, she said, "It's about MEEEE!"  How is it about you, I asked?  Zoe said "It's about a girl like me who was born in China and who wonders about her birth parents." Zoe especially likes the passage that suggests she and her birth parents can feel closer by looking at the same moon.   Zoe also said, "Some kids think about their birth parents but they might not ask questions about them.  Maybe if their mom read them this book they'd know it was okay to ask questions."

Maya is my reluctant-to-talk girl when it comes to adoption and birth parents.  But she relished reading this book to us, using her first-grade reading skills.  She agreed that the book was "about Zoe," but not so much about her.  But when I asked her about her favorite part, she picked a passage where the adoptee says she wishes her birth parents could know that she is happy and loved and at home in her new family.  That's what resonated with her.

I'm a huge fan of discussing adoption, birth parents, loss, etc., openly and often with my girls.  This book is an excellent tool for promoting adoption talk.  Even though my girls are so different in how they think and feel about their adoptions, they both love this book!


susan said...

I love this book, too--my daughter is not from China, but she similarly finds the book something that resonates with her experiences. And she loves looking at the detailed illustrations, too. It's a book she takes her time with, and I love reading it together.

Elizabeth@Romans8:15 said...

My son is 3 and we both love this book. The illustrations are gorgeous. Right now he loves moons and he loves finding the moons in the pictures. When he is older, I hope it helps open communication for us to talk about his history more.

Christine said...

What a beautiful story. I'm going to buy this for my niece and nephew. My sister is wonderful about discussing adoption, but sometimes we never know what their questions actually are. It sounds like this book (and the way that you asked your daughters about it) opens that communication. Thank you!