Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Open Thread -- In the Matter of Cha Jung Hee

ARGH!!!!  Pledge drive has thrown this one off the air in my area!  So now I REALLY need to know what you think -- not sure when I'll have a chance to watch it on line.  Soooo. . . . .





Please share!


Anne said...

How annoying was that?! Charter cable has another PBS channel, so I set it up to tape. Let me know if you want to come over here and watch it.

Bukimom said...

I checked the website and found out that it is supposed to air on Sept. 22 in my area (Arlington, TX).

DannieA said...

I'll let you know if it showed...haven't checked the dvr, sick child makes for little sleep so TV hasn't been a part of my evenings lately. Oh and I just started reading your blog, I do like it!

Anonymous said...

two thumbs up from me. Very well done.

There is a sequel I believe. Where she tries to find Cha Jung Hee, maybe I am confused. I remember the subject saying that the other girls who lived in the orphanage and were not adopted had fine lives and not the certain doom that all us adoptees were saved from -joy

DannieA said...

I think the first one you are talking about is 'First Person Plural'...taht was great....I finally checked out my DVR tonight and yes it did record. I have to say it was a great film. I'm just fascinated by these stories.

What I found most interesting was the deception was accepted as justified (by the Korean orphanage people involved) because of the belief of "a better life".
I know all parents want a better life for their kids...heck both my parents immigrated here from a communist country in order to have a better life, my dad was sent here by my grandfather alone at age 14 so he could have a better life....now granted it isn't the same because he found an aunt here in the states and my grandfather didn't give up his rights, in fact my whole family are citizens here now and have been for a while, but I understand the "better life" mentality....the deception that was talked about in the film though was really something...not right imho.