Friday, July 31, 2009

URL Confused!

I'm looking at the blog this evening, and go down to hit SiteMeter to check stats. I'm expecting that visits will be dropping off with the vay-cay slowdown. The summary shows 270 visits today, with 3 hours to go in the day! WTF?! The highest ever number of visits in one day was 183.

So I hit referrals, to see how all these folks are finding the blog. Every other one seems to be a Google search for "adopt talk" or "china adopt talk." China Adopt Talk is Rumor Queen's blog, and she is very popular for keeping track of all the rumors about what's going on in China adoption. Her url is "" I did not know that when I started AdoptionTalk, and folks looking for her do sometimes find me, but it is pretty rare. Because it used to be if you did a search for "china adopt talk," Rumor Queen's blog would come up first, and mine second. Now, for whatever reason, her blog doesn't even come up on the first page of search results. I don't know the mysteries of how Google ranks things, but something has definitely changed.

So if you've found me by accident, welcome! I hope you'll stick around. You're obviously interested in adoption, and that's pretty much all we talk about here! So look to the right and click to be a follower, and blog updates will be automatically posted on your blogger profile page. Or bookmark us and visit as you have time.

But if you're lost and need to find Rumor Queen right now, click here! You can always come back later and look around (make it easy on yourself and do that follower/favorites thing!).

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