Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Chinese Heritage Camp

We're in Tulsa for Chinese Heritage Camp, which officially starts tomorrow. We met up with Fort Worth friends for dinner -- how is it that we have to go out of town to get together?! Then a whole bunch of the North Texas contingent met in a hospitality suite at the hotel we're all staying in for the kids to watch Mulan.

Couple of funny things on the drive:

First, I was explaining to my mom why one of our friends, who had attended the Chinese Language/Culture Camp with Zoe, wasn't coming, and said something like, "Well, she got plenty of culture at that camp, so I guess she didn't want to come to this one." Zoe was indignant -- "There's LOTS of Chinese culture to learn! This camp will be very different!" So much for worrying about foisting TOO much Chinese culture on her this summer!

Second, Maya was saying that if she has a boy child, she'll name him Hercules (she still likes that movie!). Zoe replied, "But, Maya, you can't name your son Hercules because you don't know if he'll be a god, because you don't know who your birth parents are so you don't know if your birth parents are gods." There's logic for you!

I'll try to post as Camp goes on, but no promises -- we'll be pretty busy! There are a few adult sessions I'm particularly looking forward to -- an adult adoptee panel and a Chinese cooking demonstration. Should be fun for me as well as the kids at camp!


Anonymous said...

Oh lordy~~that Hercules movie gave my son a fear of hell. (They show the Underworld, which he is thinking of as hell.) He keeps talking about hell now. He doesn't want to go there. Aggh. Anyway, I didn't like that movie.

You said you blogged about Hercules and adoption, but I tried to follow the link and it didn't work.

malinda said...

Oh, yes, those hell scenes are pretty awful!

I added a hot link in the post to my blog post about Hercules -- click on Hercules and it'll take you there!

Mahmee said...

Those conversations are priceless. Thanks for sharing them. Have a great time at CHC!

Anonymous said...

Zoe's comment about being a god is hilarious!

Elizabeth J.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I found the link! Thanks!

Lisa, Syd and Jack said...

Hi Malinda, Maya and Zoe - Sounds like a fun camp. We hope you'll fill us in on the excitement! Have a blast!

Anonymous said...

Simone has this passion for Greek mythology, which is hilarious because I am half-Greek on my dad's side and she now knows way more about the topic than I do.

BTW, I just read the 14 Ways to Focus on Culture link. Something the article completely misses is encouraging the child to make friends with someone from his or her culture or, better yet, make friends as a family. There's a difference between learning "about" and learning through, with, or beside. Just my little pet peeve.

Anonymous said...

I can't help but think of the scene in Ghostbusters where Bill Murray tells Dan Ackroyd (sp?): "When someone asks you if you are a god, you say YES!" clf

Anonymous said...

I really think that camp is mostly about hanging out with a LOT of kids who are there due to similar circumstances and heritage. My girls didn't learn a whole lot new about Chinese culture, because they attend Chinese school and learned similar things there. Some of the new things they can't remember (like new songs, words, etc.) But what they don't articulate, but I really think they feel at some level, is that this is the one place where they are among a LOT of kids who are like them... born in one culture and raised in another. Which, in a way is a culture in an of itself.
Sue (aka anonymous)