Friday, July 31, 2009


Where we're staying

Zoe cartwheels into the pool

Zoe digs it

Maya contemplates the ocean

Rock-n-roll girls

View of hot tub from our balcony

The Palm Beach Princess from our balcony

View from our balcony


mimifrancoise said...

Thank you for the photos. We miss you.

Anne said...

Palm Beach? Luxury looking hotel? Is this a work thing or did you just win the lottery?!!!

Anonymous said...

Is this the same place we stayed last year? The pool looks familiar! It looks like you have a much better view this time, though!! :) Have a great time! clf

Mahmee said...

Holy moly! That view looks awesome!

malinda said...

You guessed it, Anne! It's a work thing -- though we are staying at the lowly Marriott Ocean Pointe (yes, same as last year, clf, but a completely smashing view and EASY beach access!) instead of the conference hotel -- the Ritz Carlton! The girls loved it when we stayed here last year, much better than the stuffy Ritz.

On Monday I have to sing for my supper -- a presentation on rape shield laws at the Southeastern Association of Law Schools Conference.

Lisa said...

Fun Fun! I love the pics. See you soon.