Monday, June 11, 2012

Update on Man Who Found Birth Family Via Google Earth

Remember the man from Australia, adopted from India as a child, who found his birth family using Google Earth? The AP has done a two-part story updating his story.  Part I covers how the boy ended up lost and adopted, his search, and his mother's search in India.  Part II covers the reunion with his family, with the ubiquitous issues of language and culture, and the intense media reaction to the story.  This snippet from Part I sets the tone:
It was 1987 and Saroo knew only that he was alone on the train.

Soon, he would find himself alone in the world. He wouldn't know for decades that this fateful train ride was setting into motion a chain of events both fantastic and horrific - events that would tear him away from his family and join him with a new one. Events that would spark the determined hunt of a mother for her son and a son for his mother, brought together only to realize that you can never really go home again.
The two parts are a long read, but the details are fascinating and well worth it.

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