Saturday, June 30, 2012

Russia Children's Ombudsman 'Shocked' by U.S. Ranch for Russian Adoptees

I've posted before (see here and here) about this Montana ranch,  where many adopted children from Russia are sent by their adoptive parents, but it didn't go over well with Russia's children's ombudsman:
Russia's children rights ombudsman has condemned a U.S. ranch, where troubled adoptees are held.

Pavel Astakhov has been visiting the Ranch for Kids, in the U.S. State of Montana, which is a respite care home that helps children, most of them from Russia, who have suffered disrupted adoptions.

"The very form of the children's being there is shocking. What is it, a pre-trial detention facility? A penal colony? Or a trash can for unwanted children?" Pavel Astakhov said, in comments carried by his official website.

All the children were removed from the facility just before Astakhov'a arrival.

"These children are completely isolated from the outside world, which is grounds for violating their rights. It has not been made clear to us whether the children receive the necessary help and treatment, which is why the condition of the Russian kids at the ranch causes concerns," Astakhov said.


B.A. said...

"American adoptive parents shocked after they adopt Russian children and discover that they were lied to, the children have severe mental and emotional issues, and cannot live in a family without the family lives being at risk." said...

Maybe this says something about the need of a child to be adopted as young as possible for theirr emotional, mental health and physical well being - something the Hague Convention does not allow.