Saturday, June 16, 2012

China Daily: Adoptive Father Seeks Birth Parents for Adopted Child

From China Daily, just in time for Father's Day:
Dutchman who visited East China's Jiangxi province last week in the hope of finding the natural parents of his adopted Chinese daughter has told how the trip was satisfying though ultimately unsuccessful.

Jan Steenbergen, 45, said that he wanted to help his daughter -- Jiang Yongquan, nicknamed Quanquan -- find her birth parents as a Father's Day gift.

Though empty-handed on Tuesday, the night before his return to the Netherlands after two weeks' searching, Steenbergen said that he would feel better when facing Quanquan since he has done his best for her.

Quanquan, nine, was born in Yongxiu county in Jiangxi, and was adopted by Steenbergen in 2004 at the age of one.

In Yongxiu, Steenbergen put up many posters on kiosks, visited local orphanages, public security bureaus and hospitals, and even made key rings featuring photos of the girl and delivered them to residents living near the site where she was abandoned.

This was not the first time the hunt has brought him to Yongxiu.

In 2010, when Quanquan came up with the idea of finding her mum and dad, Steenbergen immediately agreed and spent several weeks in China.

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