Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Trafficked Babies Returned to Mothers

That's the good news in the trafficking case in Mexico involving Irish prospective adoptive parents:
Mexican authorities have returned to their biological mothers all but one of the babies ensnared in an apparent illegal adoption ring providing children to Irish couples, the women's lawyers said Monday.

Attorney Yuri Marquez said Jalisco state authorities returned 10 of the 11 babies to their families last week. The children had been in the custody of the state's protective services since January, when prosecutors opened an investigation after detaining a 21-year-old woman who was accused of "renting" one of her children.

Prosecutors are still running DNA tests on the remaining baby to confirm who her mother is, Marquez said.

The state restored custody to the parents after determining the mothers were tricked into believing their babies were being photographed for an anti-abortion ad campaign, while in reality the children were really being shown to Irish couples looking to adopt.

"The judge was able to see that far from being members of organized crime they are victims, they were tricked," Marquez said.


Anonymous said...

Amazing how quickly the right thing can be done when a government decides that well, it's going to do the right thing.

So unfortunate the US doesn't feel the same way about "Karen Abigail", the little Guatamalan girl who was stolen from her natural parents and adopted by the Monahan family in the US (who KNEW and COVERED UP, at the time of adoption, a failed DNA test). 4 + years ago!!

-J.D. Humenay said...

It just makes me sick for the adoptive parents (who I hope didn't know this was going on). :(