Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I have a bad feeling about this. . . .

It seems that Gene Simmons of KISS fame is contemplating adopting, all recorded by his "reality" show Family Jewels, as reported at the Ultimate Classic Rock website:
In therapy with Dr. Ann Wexler, Gene explains that perhaps if Shannon is more focused on the adoption she will forget about his portfolio mishap from the previous episode.  To this, Dr. Wexler suggests that he is merely using the adoption to combat the nude photos.

* * *

Rich Abramson, Gene’s friend and business partner, is told about the adoption. His response is quick, “The dog barks next door and you don’t like it.” He believes it’s a bad idea to jump into it, for which Gene asks how to get out. An idea is struck up – instead of saying no, see what it entails.

Back at therapy, Dr. Wexler has another opinion about the idea. “You do realize that you’re purposely withholding telling her how you feel in the hopes that you don’t have to look like the bad guy in hopes she agrees with you." When Dr. Wexler bluntly asks Gene what if Shannon ultimately decides she still wants to, he freezes.
Oh, yeah, a great reason to adopt -- to distract your spouse! And Simmons is definitely pictured as the classic reluctant spouse:
"When leaving, Gene makes joke to Shannon, which shows his obvious hesitance to adoption. 'Why don’t you adopt me?'”

"Together, back at therapy, Dr. Wexler asks if they’ve talked to the kids yet and inquires as to how Gene feels. He struggles, obviously uncertain."

"Gene admits he doesn’t think adoption is a great idea. . . ."

"At therapy Gene is asked if the children’s reactions influenced his thoughts on adoption. It did. He says, 'It’s clear that not everybody thinks it’s a good idea besides Shannon.'”

"Back at home, Gene takes Dr. Wexler’s advice and tries speaking to Shannon about his feeling towards the adoption. However, Shannon is on the phone with the credit card company and has no time."
But don't worry, once everyone gangs up on him, he'll change his mind!
"The next day, at the adoption agency, Shannon talks to the agency director, Robyn Harrod, and says Gene is ‘wishy-washy’ regarding the adoption, something Robyn suggests is quite normal with husbands."

"Gene finally admits that he is worried about adopting a child and having that connection with a child. To which, Dr. Wexler says that should they adopt, it is his own child."

"Gene and Shannon go to another [adoptive] family. . . .The experience changes Gene’s opinion it seems. At Dr. Wexler’s Gene says that he learned there was still love regardless of the adoption Shannon is thrilled. He admits that he is considering it. He is now on board."
All to the titillation of the viewing public. Sigh.

Anyone watching this show?  Is it as bad as this article makes it sound?


Kris said...

Never saw the show. Isn't Gene Simmons old (I mean like elderly old???) Good God, I am 43 and I remember having a KISS album and a KISS doll when I was in elementary school....

This is just wrong on so many levels...

Real Daughter said...

LOL, Kris. Yup. He is old. FAR too old to adopt. He is 63, ffs. And Tweed is 57. I mean, seriously- if you are too old to make one yourself, you are too old to adopt one, unless of course, the kid is at least 16. Im praying that this is just a publicity stunt.

PhoenixRising said...

Oh gawd say it ain't so... what the heck is the world coming to? Ugh...

-J.D. Humenay said...

Shows like this make me glad I don't have cable or time to watch much TV at all. I REALLY hope this doesn't work out... They are too old, by far.
I AM glad to read that they addressed the 'reluctant spouse syndrome' though. I'm dealing with that one here. My guy has known my massive infertility problems since they started in the 1990's. He knew that marrying me ment probably never having bio kids (surrogacy isn't for me). I'm adopted, as is my brother, and a few other friends of mine and we all turned out to be upstanding citizens with great parents who have been commited to us and to 'family' from the get-go. He has said things like, "I just don't think I'd be able to be as proud of an adopted kid as I would be of a kid of my blood." Which says to me flat out, 'I'm scared that I can't bond w/ a child that way.' I'm really looking forward to him spending some time with adoptive fathers (mine, or a few in his family, or a family the agency sets us up with) and getting to see that love doesn't come in a gene-pool-sized-package. It comes from the heart.

That said - we're 28 and 32! I don't know why anyone in their 60's would want to CHOOSE to chase around a teenager even!

Mahmee said...

I've watched the 'adoption' episodes.
There are a lot of adoption-related issues being raised and discussed in these episodes (along with the entertainment value drivel). I was surprised to see that the show is including what appears to be a licensed therapist, the head of a foster-adoption agency, adopted children and their adoptive parents in these dicussions as well.
If the reality show represents the true Gene Simmons in any way, I think he's shown that he is not a good candidate for parenthood of an adopted child who may have extra challenges....regardless of his age.

Truly Blessed said...

Yeah. What Stephanie said.