Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sarah Silverman on Adoption

Remember when Kristen Chenowith compared adopting children to adopting puppies from the shelter?  Sarah Silverman has recently done the same:
During an appearance on “The Conversation with Amanda De Cadenet” Sarah Silverman, who hopes to adopt in the future in a bid to avoid passing on her own problems with depression to a child, explained:
“We live in Los Angeles, where everybody is like, ‘Don’t get your dog from a breeder, get your dog from a shelter…’ and I agree, but don’t get your people from a breeder. There are human puppies in shelters and it’s odd that that never seems to be a connection that people make.”

“If you’re not OK with yourself… it’s easier to love a dog than a person in need because you don’t see all the things you hate about yourself reflected back in the eyes of a dog. If Africa was full of springer spaniels dying of AIDS and starvation we’d probably take care of it in a day.”


Sharon said...

I read this less as a comparison of kids to puppies as a commentary on the fact that people love dogs more than children and adults in need. I see this ALL the time, since I live in an area where people push their dogs in strollers, buy them clothes and take them to daycare etc. My town even has a Halloween party for dogs.It's insane. I like dogs, but dogs don't need to be treated like children. Children need to be treated like children.

Tina said...

This woman should not be allowed to adopt under any circumstances

Kris said...

Sarah Silverman is one of those annoying people who think they are comedians, kind of like Denis Leary. Whatever she has to say is not worth listening to.