Saturday, February 13, 2010

Welcoming the Year of the Tiger

At Chinese School today, Zoe and Maya and friends welcomed the Chinese New Year, which starts tomorrow. In case the masks didn't clue you in, it's the Year of the Tiger! Surely you would have figured that out when you heard Maya's class sing the Two Tigers song.

Can't tell which one is Maya? Here's a hint -- she's wearing one of the dresses her foster mother made and sent for her second birthday, and her foster mom is quite expert with beading and embroidery. Foster mom sent two dresses, one for Maya and one for Zoe, which was really sweet. I so appreciate that she always includes Zoe in the annual gift she sends. Maya has outgrown her dress, but she can still wear the one made for Zoe.

I had to miss the performances -- my cold has transmogrified into strep throat. I've started antibiotics, but I'm still contagious! The girls recreated their performances for me and Mimi and Grandpa this evening (we're at Mimi's & Grandpa's house tonight since we've lost power, the joy of an unprecedented snow storm in Texas!).

Zoe's class sang a Chinese New Year song, and then each shared a new year's wish-- that's what's written in Chinese characters on the pieces of paper each student is holding.

Zoe says her favorite part of the celebration at Chinese School was eating dumplings and doing calligraphy. Maya says her favorite part was playing with the Chinese yo-yos. In lieu of attending, my favorite part was napping on the couch and having a kind friend bring the girls home -- thanks, Sue!

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Anonymous said...

My daughter sang the same song with a similar mask at her Chinese school! The teacher had them wear orange shirts w/ black pants (I was relieved no Chinese silks since my daughter does not like to wear them!)