Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Beauty and Women of Color

A video in two parts and a few links. . . .

Video, Asian American Beauty -- covers stereotypes, plastic surgery, eating disorders, identity issues:

A few links:

Is Blond the New Black? At NPR's Tell Me More blog, comment about the number of African-American women at the Grammy Awards sporting blonde locks.

Balm, from the Washington Post, an African-American mother writes of bonding with her daughter while fixing her hair.

Vanity Fair's "New Hollywood" Issue Lacks Diversity, noting that "Every woman on its new cover is extremely thin and very, very white."


Anonymous said...

I watched the movie "Penelope" yesterday. If you have seen it, you know that visually it is a "pretty" movie--Penelope on a swing, Penelope's room, etc.

Two things I noticed. I think all the characters are white, except for a black detective? And some have American accents, yet some have British accents. That was so weird and very noticeable.

At the end, she is talking to a group of about ten or fifteen children. I think they are all white? I think to keep in line with the artistic style of the movie? It made me think of this Vanity Fair cover, which I had seen on Yahoo.

Meia said...

Thanks for posting! I'm enjoying reading your blog and the wide range of adoption topics you manage to cover.