Friday, February 26, 2010

Racism Carnival

Ladies & Gentlemen, children of all ages! Come one, come all to the Racism Carnival!

OK, a particularly weird combination, but can't blame 'em since the 'netiquette name for a blog roundup on a single topic is Carnival, so Grown in My Heart's racism round up is a Racism Carnival. Ride the Serpentine Stereotype Roller Coaster, take a turn on the Model Minority Merry-Go-Round, take a ride on the Some of My Best Friends Are Ferris Wheel. . . .

Go to Grown in My Heart to link up your post on racism, particularly as it affects adoption and parenting, and read what others have to say.

I linked up an older post -- a how-to piece on talking explicitly to children about race and racism. And I want to link to another older post, this one about how my kids dealt with "Chinese eyes" teasing at school. The kids were tickled to see that the April 2010 issue of Adoptive Families magazine (print edition) has reprinted that blog post in their excellent article on Transracial Parenting. What fun to find themselves memorialized on a magazine's pages!

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Rasmus Ford Family said...

I just pulled my copy of AF magazine out of the mailbox and immediately flipped to the tranracial parenting section. Loved your post and congratulations on getting in the magazine. Always feels good to be noticed! Bravo!