Saturday, February 20, 2010

DNA Brings Siblings Together

This is a slightly different take on the "unknown siblings" stories we sometimes hear in China adoption. In this story, a family adopts a child from China and discover that she was abandoned together with her two brothers:

Little did I know when I headed to China to bring her (13-year-old Chloe) home we were about to get a shock of our life. When receiving Chloe I was handed a police report about when she was found. It stated she was found with 2 other children and I knew this was not typical. So I asked, “who are these other children?”

My question was met with silence until our guide asked my new daughter and she said “my brothers.” Well, can you imagine my shock? My mind was racing- what? How? Why were we not told? Where these REALLY her brothers or just boys she was close to and called her brothers? So many questions.

We learned the boys were both at the orphanage, they were known to be a sibling group at the orphanage but when found, were not reported as siblings, therefore creating a legal difficulty in proving they were siblings now, so many years later.

* * *

We KNEW these children had to grow up together. . . . So as we realized that we needed proof of their relationship,as originally asked for in China, to aid in our quest to get these boys home.

But how? We didn’t have spare funds. I said a prayer and sent off an e-mail. This ended up bringing us to Identigene. We were so thankful when they contacted us with a “please LET us help!” It was just amazing to us, they sent kits, the tests were sent in and when the results came in just DAYS later, a phone call to Marilyn aided my shaking hands to the right page for the results.She “sat” with me, as I cried, could hardly speak, for there in front of me was answer this momma’s heart KNEW would be there. All 3 children- biological siblings. No doubts.
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Thanks for the link! I love talking about how DNA testing can help adopted kids and families. Any questions/comments, just ask. :)