Tuesday, February 23, 2010

ADOPTED the comic

Take a look at this cute blog, ADOPTED the comic, where two adults adopted from VietNam are creating comics about adoption. Jessica Emmett, the artist, is British, and tells about her adoption like this:
Needless to say, I’m adopted. My birthmother was a Vietnamese refugee that fled to Hong Kong after the Vietnam War. I was adopted at the age of one by a British couple who were living and working in Hong Kong. I also have a younger sister that is a HK adoptee. I grow up in an ex-pat English speaking community in HK until I was 16, when i moved to the UK with my (adopted) family =). I now live in Oxfordshire with my husband after spending most of my UK life in Manchester=).

Bert Ballard, writer, is the author of a book for adopted teens, Pieces of Me, Who Do I Want to Be? He relates that he was adopted as part of Operation Babylift from Vietnam, and grew up in the United States. He and his wife are currently in the process of adopting from Vietnam.

Some of my favorite comics -- Parental Worries and Getting Culture. And the Santa one DEFINITELY reminds me of Zoe!


Wendy said...

These are great! Thanks for the link.

a Tonggu Momma said...

LOVE this! Thanks for sharing it, Malinda!