Monday, May 11, 2009

More MD Fun

My kids are of the age that I've been Mother's Day-ed all week! Maya started hinting about her Mother's Day project at school LAST week -- "You can't come in the classroom, you'd see it!" A few days later, "It's a pot. But it's a surprise." A few days later, "It has polka dots." Then she decided to trick me, "I planted a tulip (my favorite flower, as she knows) in the pot. Not really!" Then Friday she can bring the polka-dot pot without a tulip home, and she immediately takes it out of the bag to give me -- we can't WAIT for Mother's Day, after all And no, it doesn't have a tulip. They grew grass!

Zoe gave me a Mother's Day card she made at school on Wednesday, even though I suggested she wait for Mother's Day. Nope, can't wait. Thursday she asks, "Is 9:30 OK for serving you breakfast on Mother's Day?" (Note to self, go to grocery store and buy something she can make me for Mother's Day breakfast!) Friday she proudly shows me a bag: "It has your present in it!" (I thought it was something made out of a Pringle's can, given it's shape, but I was wrong). I earnestly suggest she wait to give it to me on Mother's Day. "OK," she says, "where should I hide it until then?" Umm, I'm not really the person to ask?!

Well, the present from Zoe turned out to be this poster Zoe made, all rolled up (fooled me!). Can you read it? I'm BEST FOREVER MOM, and it's signed, "Your adopted child, Zoe!" Among my more common attributes, like "Beautiful every day" and "Rockin' at reading to me," I'm also "Excellent at helping me understand about adoption!"

The rest of MD was taken up with ballet recital, which was really fun but really busy. I'll take Mama bragging rights and post pictures soon.

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