Saturday, May 23, 2009

Comic Relief

OK, I try to stay pretty focused on adoption issues when I blog; I'm just not a "cute kid" blogger (despite the overwhelming cuteness of my kids!), I guess. But I couldn't resist this one.

I pick Maya up from school Friday, and out of the blue (or so I thought!) as we're driving she asks, "What are those circle things you use to cover your nipples?" What?! My 5-year-old just asked me about pasties?! Where did she see pasties? Did some teacher at school have a "wardrobe malfunction?" I can guar-an-teeeeeee that I don't wear pasties!!! This is even more surprising than the Great Penis Incident of 2009 for age-inappropriate knowledge!

I stupidly repeat her question: "Round things to cover your nipples?"

She changes the question: "BREASTS. Round things to cover your breasts."

Now I'm getting it, I think: "Ohhhh, do you mean a bra?"

Maya: "Yes! That lady was wearing a bra outside!"

Ohhhhh, now I definitely get it. As we pulled out of the parking lot of her preschool I saw a woman wearing a string bikini top with shorts as she did yard work. I barely noticed, but Maya clearly noticed! Yep, she was wearing round things to cover her breasts. At least now I can breathe again . . . .


Wendy said...

Gotta love it. I have many of those "wait a minute before I respond" moments. Good thing you thought too!

Mahmee said...

Awesome story. Thanks for sharing!

Lisa said...

That is just hilarious! I can only imagine the expression on your face when she asked that question.