Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A few interesting links

From the New York Times, Celebrity Adoptions and the Real World, from their Room for Debate series, featuring opinions from Elizabeth Bartholet, Harvard Law School; E.J. Graff, Brandeis University; Marguerite A. Wright, psychologist; David Smolin, Cumberland Law School; Diane B. Kunz, Center for Adoption Policy; Jane Aronson, pediatrician.


From CNN, a profile of two quake survivors orphaned by the quake, Year later: New beginning for survivors. Money quote: "Like so many families of Sichuan orphans, they refuse to put them up for adoption but do not have the means to care for them, either."


From Slate, a photo essay about international adoption, The Orphan Trade: A look at families affected by corrupt international adoptions. The article is by E.J. Graff of "The Lie We Love" fame.

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Lisa said...

Thank you for sharing this article. There are alot of good points. Wright's statement concerning Madonna:

"Whatever her motives, she is raising the profile of international adoption and drawing attention to the plight of destitute children around the world. Research shows that children do best when raised in a supportive, caring family. Mercy has a much better chance of thriving in a family environment with personal attention, educational opportunities and medical care than in an orphanage."

This is true. But if it "is" true (I think there is alot of speculation) that Mercy's grandparents and extended family visit her regularly, then I think they should definitely have a say in whether or not she can be adopted. I hear alot of people say "Madonna has alot of money, why not just help that family?" I get that, but she can't support the whole country. Change is needed, but change is slow. In the meantime, Mercy needs a home. What to do?