Friday, May 1, 2009

Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month

May is API Heritage Month! Someone gave me a compliment recently -- she said she knew that the stuff I post here and the links and blogs and all are out there, but I let her be lazy by digging it all out for her. So, if you're feeling a little lazy, here are a few sources for finding information to help you celebrate and learn more about API heritage in America:

I've tried to give a mix of sites; some are general-purpose, interesting-all-year websites, others are specific to teaching kids history about the API experience in America. I've also included a site to information about the Chinese Exclusion Act.

One of my usual soapboxes is that China adoptive parents tend to emphasize Chinese-in-Ancient-China history and culture(you know, silk pajamas and fans and Mulan) over Chinese-American history and culture. Not that I have an objection to silk pajamas and fans and Mulan -- we do all that, too! It's when that's ALL one does that I have a problem. I think it's important to connect our kids to the immigrant experience -- they are, after all, first-generation Chinese immigrants! -- and the history of the Chinese in America. So, we need to start with that bar to immigration and why it happened. End of soapbox . . . . for now!


Wendy said...

I so agree. btw--an AWESOME book is Yellow by Wu. HIGHLY recommend. The difficulty comes when we have the added layer of white parents, many of the issues that face second generation kids, but even further from Chinese culture do to our ethnicity.

Diane said...

Malinda- You rock! This is so important. My 10 yr old, who lived and breathed China for 8 years never wore silk anything until coming to the US. Thanks for the links.